National Liftgate Parts, Inc. (NLP)

National Liftgate Parts, Inc. (NLP) provides SERVICING DEALERS and NATIONAL FLEETS in North America with Quality Replacement Parts for Liftgates and Snowplows. Headquartered out of Cincinnati, OH, they have become a reliable replacement source of aftermarket and OE parts for liftgates, winches, cranes & snowplows.  Motors, solenoids, remote controls, valves, power units, cylinders and switches in stock or special ordered. All major manufacturers.

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Liftmoore Truck Cranes, Inc.

Liftmoore has been manufacturing quality crane products since 1961

Our complete line of cranes ranging from an electric DC-Powered 800 lbs. Capacity ( 4,500 Ft-lbs.) to a Hydraulic Powered 10,000 lbs. Capacity ( 72,000 Ft-lbs.) are designed and built to meet our high standards of quality, craftsmanship, and dependability.

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Sortimo (By Knapheide)

Sortimo by Knapheide is a partnership between Sortimo International and The Knapheide Manufacturing Company to bring the next generation of van storage solutions to today’s mobile contractors. Sortimo by Knapheide offers the most innovative line-up of van equipment including van shelving, van accessories, van partitions, van packages, van storage bins and drawers. Van interiors from Sortimo by Knapheide utilize rugged yet lightweight materials maximizing the available payload in your cargo van. Don’t settle for the heavy and cookie-cutter van equipment, Exxpand your van with Sortimo by Knapheide

About Us

A Partnership At Its Best


Sortimo by Knapheide is a strategic partnership between Sortimo International, a global leader in mobile racking products and The Knapheide Manufacturing Company, the nation’s leading provider of commercial vehicle solutions. This partnership is focused on storage systems especially for commercial vans.

Knapheide Manufacturing

Since 1848, Knapheide has provided its customers with high quality, work-ready transportation solutions. The Knapheide family has owned and operated the company since its beginning over 168 years ago. Today, The Knapheide Manufacturing Company is the nation’s leading manufacturer and provider of commercial vehicle solutions. Knapheide’s main manufacturing facility is located in Quincy, Illinois and is over 480,000 square feet. This facility is highly automated and has the most technologically advanced equipment and processes in the industry. Products manufactured by Knapheide include: Service Bodies, KUV Bodies, Platform Bodies, Gooseneck Bodies, Dump Bodies, Forestry Bodies, Pick Up Accessories, Mechanics Trucks, Water Trucks, and Fuel/Lube Trucks. Knapheide’s vast distribution system includes 200+ distributors strategically located throughout North America. The ability to evolve into new technology, processes, and products has made Knapheide the leader in the industry and allowed the company to move into new markets to better serve our distributors, fleet customers, and end users.

Sortimo International

Headquartered in Zusmarshausen, Germany, Sortimo International has more than 40 years of experience in the in-vehicle equipment industry. Located in Bavaria, Sortimo International offers van racking solutions for all light commercial vehicles and has become a leader in van racking solutions of the automotive industry regarding organization, safety, and future-oriented concepts. Sortimo International works with materials of the highest quality that are extremely resilient and long lasting. Well thought out ergonomics and the best level of passive safety are further factors which distinguish Sortimo products. With strength in innovation, Sortimo International has a solid position in the market and is a technological leader in van storage solutions.

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Product Catalog

Sortimo Catalog

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O’Brian Tarping Systems

O’Brian Tarping Systems is a 3rd generation family business that is located in Wilson, NC.

From production on up, the owners have a hands on approach to maintaining quality and customer support

We are the only tarping system company to manufacture ALL of our tarps, tarping systems, boat covers, rollovers and pharmaceutical products to ISO 9001-2000 quality standards in house!


We do NOT import any of our tarps or tarping systems.


Our Quality Policy/ Mission Statement is: “The mission of our company is to manufacture high quality tarps and tarping systems, meet all customer requirements, provide friendly customer service, lead the industry with innovation and serve our customers with excellence and integrity”.


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Brush Hawg

Cherokee Truck Equipment is a proud Authorized Dealer for the Brush Hawg Mobile Brush, Limb & Bulk Trash Grapple Loaders for the State of Georgia and Tennessee (West of Interstate 75).

Brush Hawg - Mobile Knuckleboom Loader

Nu-Life’s manufacturing division, then known as Nu-Life Products Inc., started building a truck mounted municipal brush and limb loader over 30 years ago.

The first models were designated as the 1700-A (trailer-style), and the 1700-B (straight truck style).

In 2000, production of the grapple loader and the dump body moved to the Hwy 123 location in Easley SC. The 2000A (trailer style) and 2224B (straight truck style) became the new model designation.

Since its inception, the Brush Hawg knuckboom loader has gone through several design modifications to better meet the needs of our customers and to increase its performance and longevity in the field.

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Knuckle Boom Grapple Loader
Brush Hawg Specs - Knuck Boom Crapple loader


  • Up to 20′  reach in all directions
  • Over 9000 lb Lift Capacity
  • With or w/o Dump Body

Brochures C-Model

C-Model with multi-lever hydraulic controls  Grapple Loader Brochure - Thumbnail  and  C-Model with Joystick (air-over-hydraulic) Controls  Brochure Grapple Loader with Joystick Controls - Thumbnail

Standard Specifications C-Model
Model C with Dimensions

  • Single Stage Direct-Mount Pump
  • 24″ Walk-Thru
  • Dual Operator Control Stations
  • 4-way Adjustable Stabilizers
  • 30″ Diameter Slewing Bearing
  • Planetary Gear Drive
  • Telescopic Tip Boom Extension
  • Continuous Bucket Rotator
  • 18′ Tapered Dump Body (42″ – 74″)
  • 15-Ton Scissor Hoist
  • Factory Mounting and Painting
  • Dump Body Undercoating
  • L.E.D. Clearence and Tail Lights
  • 1 Year Parts and Labor Warranty*
  • 3 Years Structural Warranty*

*request our Warranty Policy


Brush Hawg Gross Lift  Capacity

Grapple Loader Lift Weight Chart

Grapple Loader Lift Specs

Knuckle Boom Grapple Loader
Brush Hawg Specs - Knuck Boom Crapple loader


  • Up to 20′  reach in all directions
  • Over 9000 lb Lift Capacity
  • With or w/o Dump Body
  • Standard Joystick Controls

Brochure AWC-Model

AWC-Model with All Weather Controls (In-Cab Joystick)  Brochure Grappple Loader Thumbnail

Standard Specifications AWC-Model

Model C with Dimensions

  • Single Stage Direct-Mount Pump
  • In-Cab Joy Stick Controls (4-door cab chassis)
  • In-Cab rear facing operator controls are BrushHawg patented under US 20170137072 A1
  • 3 Camera Monitoring and roof window for safe in-cab operation
  • 4-way Adjustable Stabilizers
  • 30″ Diameter Slewing Bearing
  • Planetary Gear Drive
  • Telescopic Tip Boom Extension
  • Continuous Bucket Rotator
  • 18′ Tapered Dump Body (42″ – 74″)
  • 15-Ton Scissor Hoist
  • Factory Mounting and Painting
  • Dump Body Undercoating
  • L.E.D. Clearence and Tail Lights
  • 1 Year Parts and Labor Warranty*
  • 3 Years Structural Warranty*

*request our Warranty Policy


Brush Hawg Gross Lift  Capacity

Grapple Loader Lift Weight ChartGrapple Loader Lift Specs


BrushHawg CC Model with In-cab Joy Stick Controls

BrushHawg Model AWC with 4-door cab and in-cab Joy Stick Controls
In-Cab rear facing operator controls are BrushHawg patented under US 20170137072 A1

In-cab Joy Stick Controls In-cab Joy Stick Controls for BrushHawg model CCC

Joy Stick Controls for BrushHawg Model AWC


Camera-Monitor System for In-cab Joy Stick Operation Roof Window

Roof Window and Camera Monitoring for In-Cab Joy Stick Operation



Ramsey Winch

Ramsey Winch GeneralCherokee Truck Equipment is a proud Authorized Dealer of the Ramsey Winch product line. The Ramsey Winch unique mission statement is listed below.

Ramsey Winch Mission Statement
Ramsey Winch will relentlessly pursue improvements in our products and services that will not only meet customer requirements, but will also consistently exceed expectations by:
• Establishing Ramsey Winch as a world class supplier of consumer and industrial winches by emphasizing quality in customer service, product design and manufacturing capabilities.
• Maintaining and expanding the reputation for being responsive and supplying products and services which meet Ramsey Winch’s Customers’ delivery and technical requirements.
• Building and maintaining a customer responsible organization to design, manufacture and market a competitively priced, broadly applicable line of consumer and industrial winches
• Developing a competitive advantage by attracting and retaining high talent people at all levels and in all areas of our business.


Ramsey Winch products include a full line Hyrdaulic Planetary Winches, Hydraulic Worm Gear Winches, Electric Winches & a numerous amount of Winch Parts & Accessories. These Winches and associated accessories are engineered & built specifaclly for applications in the Utility, Towing & Recovery, Industrial, Off Road  & ATV markets.  Your authorized dealer, Cherokee Truck Equipment, offers the complete line of Ramsey Winch  consumer &  industrial, World Class products.  Ramsey Winch products are available to the Southeats thru our locations in Chattanooga, Tennessee and Mableton (Atlanta), Georgia.

Contact Us for your Ramsey Winch Products Today!

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Snow Dogg Plows

A Division of Buyers Products, Snow Plows by SnowDogg® Feature the Highest Quality Components for Unmatched Durability and Performance.  Nothing Works Like a Dogg!

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Click Thumbnails Below to View Snow Dogg Plow Literature (Flipbook or PDF Download)


Leyman Liftgates

Founded in 1940, Leyman Manufacturing Corporation has been manufacturing all-hydraulic lift gates for over 45 years. During this time, Leyman products have evolved as industry standards.

Leyman product innovations include:
• all-hydraulic rail style
• heavy duty 12 volt D.C. motors for increased motor lift
• emergency hand pump
• color coded wiring
• starter solenoids which record lift gate usage for more efficient fleet management
• lifting capacities above 10,000 lbs.

Leyman’s customers drive our continuous improvement process. Our commitment to our customers helps us to design lift gates that exceed their delivery requirements. We look forward to working with you.


Visit the Leyman Liftgate Website

National Crane

Perhaps you are more familiar with this logo…

Either way, National Crane Stands for Quality!

Cherokee Truck Equipment is a Proud Official National Crane Distributor for the State of Tennessee & the Greater Regional Area. 

Each National Crane Model is designed for durability, performance and ease of service. National’s cutting-edge technologies set the industry standards for manufacturing. An experienced workforce builds in utmost quality. Factory prototypes undergo the toughest testing in the industry, and a final inspection checks all the details before the crane leaves the factory. Performance Each user-friendly National gives you what you expect in a crane. Long reach. High capacity. Fast set-up. Easy operation. Smooth movement. Versatile accessories.Premium components.

Value National has manufactured cranes since 1963, and nine out of ten are still on the job! With a National you get field-proved reliability plus the best factory/dealer support in the industry. National’s warranty provides protection against defects in materials and workmanship for a full year from the delivery date. Extensive parts-stocking programs keep downtime to a minimum. It all adds up to the industry’s highest product value.

Visit the National Crane Website.

Images below are of Five National Crane 5000E2 Series – Stiff Boom Cranes & (1) National Crane 8000 Series – Stiff Boom Crane, built By Cherokee Truck Equipment, LLC in Chattanooga Tennessee (Completed March 2012). Also included are some action shots of these Units shown in the National Crane Catalogue.

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Peterson Manufacturing Company

As a world-leading innovator in the production and marketing of vehicle safety lighting systems and accessories, family-owned Peterson Manufacturing has been building its brand on quality products and service since 1945.

The Peterson Mission

We provide customers with the maximum value in vehicle lighting, mirrors and other related safety products and accessories through a commitment to continuous improvement in quality, cost and service.

Peterson Products

Peterson doesn’t just manufacture vehicle lighting, harnesses, reflectors, mirrors, antennas and other related products. We build solutions – products that solve customer needs for function, performance, reliability and cost. That’s value, the vital metric that defines Peterson quality.

  • Today more than 2,200 product solutions comprise our ever-growing coverage of vehicle lighting, safety systems and accessories.
  • Our LumenX® brand of LED lights sets the industry standard in LED technology
  • Including utility, landscape, boat, livestock, gooseneck, tilt-bed and cargo vehicles, we supply the majority of all light- and medium-duty trailers built.


Visit the Peterson Manufacturing Company website.

Download a PDF file containing the entire Peterson Manufacturing Master Catalog right now (44 MB)


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SaltDogg Spreaders

Established in 1946 as a distributor of truck and trailer components, Buyers Products has grown to become a leading manufacturer of products for the mobile equipment industry.

Today, Buyers vertically-integrated manufacturing capabilities include Forging, Stamping, Laser Cutting, CNC Machining, Robotic Welding, Powder Coating, Assembly and Retail Oriented Packaging. Buyers key competitive strengths are Pricing, Service & Product Development

Visit the Salt Dogg Spreaders Website


Click Thumbnails Below to View Salt Dogg Spreader Literature (Flipbook or PDF Download)


Velvac Incorporated is a leading manufacturer and supplier of components to the truck, recreational and specialty vehicle industries. Opening its doors in Detroit, Michigan in 1934 as the Vacuum Power Equipment Company, the corporate name was changed to “Velvac” in 1940 to encompass its Velvet Vacuum Brakes brand.  Today, Velvac’s product line includes over 3000 popular vehicle components. The Velvac wide angle mirror system is recognized as the industry standard by walk-in van manufacturers and delivery fleets, and its recreational vehicle mirror division services over 90% of the RV market’s OEMs. As a leading supplier to truck equipment and RV aftermarkets, as well as, heavy truck, recreational and specialty vehicle OEMs, Velvac continually upgrades and expands its operations and quality systems to improve customer satisfaction and the reliability of its broad product line while developing and manufacturing innovative new products to meet customers’ changing needs. Coupling those ideals with the written guarantee behind every component offered gives the full picture of what Velvac stands for.

Visit the Velvac website


Cherokee Truck Equipment is a proud Authorized Dealer of RKI Commercial Truck Equipment Products.

RKI, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of high durability truck equipment. Founded in 1911 as Koenig Iron Works, Inc. and joined with Texas Manufacturing & Fabricating/Rawson Industries, Inc. in 1987, the company remains a family owned business.

At RKI, quality and durability are not buzz words but a way of life for the company and their customers alike. Their commitment to you is more than graphics and gimmicks; it is to provide you with the best built and longest lasting truck products available, and that commitment is defined by the only full line Lifetime Warranty in the industry. Please understand the RKI warranty was not born of some marketing scheme. It exists simply because RKI products last … period! RKI designs their products for people who don’t just drive their trucks; they use their trucks. So, if you are searching for the best, relax – your search has ended

Visit the RKI website

Buyers Products

Established in 1946 as a distributor of truck and trailer components, Buyers Products has grown to become a leading manufacturer of products for the mobile equipment industry. Today, Buyers vertically-integrated manufacturing capabilities include Forging, Stamping, Laser Cutting, CNC Machining, Robotic Welding, Rotational Molding, Powder Coating, Assembly and Retail Oriented Packaging. Buyers key competitive strengths are Pricing, Service & Product Development.

Visit the Buyers Products Website

Adrian Steel

From their beginning in 1953, as a small structural steel warehouse with four employees, Adrian Steel Company has grown to become a leader in the van and truck equipment industry. Located in Adrian, Michigan, our manufacturing facility now encompasses 166,900 square feet with over 300 employees. Adrian Steel is committed to providing quality products highlighted by constant innovation.

Adrian Steel’s attention to detail and customers is thorough, it began through the corporate values instilled by founder Bob Westfall, University of Michigan All-American and Detroit Lion All-Pro football standout. Those values instilled a team effort to provide customers with value-added products and services that have become the standard of our industry.

Visit the Adrian Steel Website


The following Images are of a An Adrian Steel Package that Cherokee Truck Equipment Recently Installed.

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Waltco Truck Equipment

Originating in Gardena, California, in 1954,Waltco Hydraulic Liftgates is the world’s leading manufacturer of hydraulic liftgates for the transportation industry. For more than 50 years, Waltco has led the industry in innovative engineering, product quality and superior service. Waltco products give customers a competitive edge. They call it the Waltco advantage.

Visit the Waltco Truck Equipment Website


Designing and building innovative products and lasting customer relationships have made Maxon the leader in North America. Maxon’s products act as the critical and specialized off-loading link between delivery fleet equipment and delivery sites. Their extensive product line offers premier solutions to the distribution problems of some of the largest corporations in the United States. Their motto is:
If you have a truck, we have your liftgate.”

Visit the Maxon Website

Tommy Gate

In 1965, Delbert ‘Bus’ Brown designed and built the first Tommy Lift hydraulic liftgate in his machine shop in Woodbine, Iowa. Named after his son, the Tommy Lift original hydraulic liftgate was designed to help move heavy loads into and out of pickup trucks.
Still in Woodbine after 40 years, Tommy Gate Company has a newly-expanded 150,000 square foot factory with a state-of-the-art production system that manufactures today’s finest liftgates.

Visit the Tommy Gate Website

VIBCO Vibration Products

VIBCO is an industry leader with more than 40 years of vibration experience. We deliver the most reliable, most complete line of vibration products available on the market today – without long lead times. VIBCO has been providing our customers with effective vibration solutions for material flow, efficiency and safety since 1962. We are the originators of the Silent Pneumatic Turbine Vibrator and hold more than 25 U.S. Patents for our vibrator designs.

Visit the VIBCO Vibration Products Website


TBEI, Incorporated is a privately-owned corporation. Highlights include:
. 1,000+ distributors and dealers, across North America
. 6 major brands
. Industry-leading technology, management team, and performance

Visit the TBEI Website

Henderson Manufacturing

Henderson Manufacturing has earned a national reputation as a customer oriented company, manufacturing a broad range of high quality truck equipment products for the municipal and contractor markets. In 1946 Henderson Manufacturing was founded by Ollie Henderson in Cedar Rapids, IA. Then in 1958 Ollie moved Henderson’s operations to a new 55,000 sq. ft. facility in Manchester, IA.  The company’s products include
a wide range of dump bodies, snow plows, sand & salt spreaders, anti-icing systems, and special purpose truck bodies for both heavy and medium duty trucks.  Henderson’s commitment to customers has earned it the reputation as “The Dependable Ones”.

Visit the Henderson Manufacturing Website


Click the Thumbnails Below to View Henderson Manufacturing Literature


Godwin Manufacturing, Inc.

Dedicated to perfection, and continuing to lead the way in the industry, Godwin Manufacturing, Inc. is the east coast’s leading truck equipment manufacturer. Along with their determination to maintain a firm lead in the truck equipment industry, Godwin guarantees every customer the satisfying investment they’ll ever make. Check out their full line of dump bodies, roll-back carriers, hoists & more!

Visit the Godwin Manufacturing, Inc. Website


Cherokee Truck Equipment is a Proud to Be an Official Dur-A-Lift Distributor

Diversified Technologies (Dur-A-Lift) humble beginnings began in George, Iowa late in the 19th Century by providing blacksmithing services to local farmers who needed shoes for their horses or replacement parts for their wagons. Some of their first products ever produced are still on display today at the George, IA Museum. Over the course of time Diversified Technologies has evolved from a single room family run business into an aggregate of three separate manufacturing companies operating under one umbrella. Many of their present day employees are second and third generation, and many knew who they were even before they started grade school. Hometown pride and workmanship show in every one of their products. The Dur-A-Lift division of Diversified Technologies was incorporated in 1988. Since that time many improvements have been made to their equipment. They have also added several new models to their expanding product line. The latest of these includes the now-available Dur-A-Lift Material Handler & the 55 foot work height DPM55. With their wealth of experience, broad knowledge base, and a skilled labor force you can be sure that the Dur-A-Lift products you receive will be ready to perform, and with a their history to back up that claim, you shouldn’t expect anything less than top quality products.

Visit the Dur-A-Lift Website

Dur-A-Lift Demo Truck Now Available!

Dur-A-Lift Demo (Listing)

2017 FORD F550 XL (Stock# 13972)




Providing Mobile Power Solutions Since 1972

Since 1972, Vanair® Manufacturing, located in Michigan City, Indiana, offers the most comprehensive product line of vehicle-mounted air compressors, generators, welders, hydraulics, chargers/boosters, engine starters and custom products in the world.

Elevating the meaning of Mobile Power Solutions through innovative design, training and support, Vanair engineers rugged and dependable products that are used to improve efficiency and productivity worldwide. Vanair has over 70 standard commercial models ranging from 10 to 1500 CFM, available in multiple configurations to meet your needs.

Vanair serves customers such as the mechanic and service industry, municipalities, utilities, railroad maintenance, Department of Defense and construction.

History – The Innovator of Vehicle-Mounted Air Compressors



Vanair® Manufacturing was originally known as Sullair PTO® and started out as a division of Sullair® Corporation, beginning in 1972.

Sullair PTO became a division of Sullair when an idea arose whereby the components of a tow behind rotary screw compressor were integrated onto a truck vehicle’s frame and utilized the truck’s own engine to drive the compressor via the power-take-off (PTO). From that idea, a new product and a new industry were born. The product was the vehicle-mounted 185 CFM underdeck rotary screw air compressor. This revolutionary new product eliminated the need for a separate engine driven tow behind compressor – freeing up the vehicle’s hitch, saving weight, increasing valuable bed space, reducing maintenance and insurance costs and increasing mobility.

Sullair PTO became Vanair Manufacturing in 1984 and relocated to New Buffalo, Michigan. The company grew, and in 1997, Ralph Kokot purchased Vanair. In 2010, Vanair moved to its new building in Michigan City, Indiana. Vanair continued to grow and expanded its facility to 80,000 square feet. In 2015, Vanair acquired an additional 80,000 square foot manufacturing facility from a private owner, bringing Vanair’s total production and office space to over 160,000 square feet.

Why Choose Vanair®?

Mobile Power Solutions


About Vanair
With over 44 years of experience, Vanair® provides the best-in-class product offerings, installation and service training. With well over 70 standard products, Vanair offers the most comprehensive line of Mobile Power Solutions™ in the industry.  Our products include a wide variety of air compressors, generators, welders, battery boosters, battery chargers, and engine starters, providing you with the best products to get your job done efficiently and effectively.

Utilizing our experienced personnel and extensive facilities, Vanair is an engineering-driven company, known for its problem solving capabilities and understanding to meet your demands. Whatever your mobile power needs, Vanair has the capabilities and understanding to produce them.


Listening to the marketplace, finding solutions to your challenges, providing the products that meet your needs…that is Vanair.

Visit the Vanair Website



2014 (CTE 1848 AWARD)Cherokee Truck Equipment is a Proud Knapheide Distributor & a

18 Time “1848 Club” Winner!


The Knapheide Manufacturing Company was founded in 1848 by Henry Knapheide, an immigrant from Westphalia, Germany. Originally a wagon company, Knapheide began making truck bodies in the early 1900’s and is the oldest manufacturer in the truck equipment industry still owned by the founding family.

After 150 years of operation, The Knapheide Mfg. Co. has evolved into the nation’s premier producer of steel service bodies and platform/stake style truck bodies. Our company has seen a lot of changes over the years, but one thing that will never change is the value, function and durability built into our products.

Visit the Knapheide Website


Since 1848, The Knapheide Manufacturing Company has provided its customers with high quality, work-ready transportation solutions. Our industry-leading truck bodies and truck beds are backed by the largest and most dependable distribution network in the industry for superior sales, service and support. Knapheide offers the most comprehensive and innovative selection of commercial vehicle solutions, from truck bodies and truck beds to van interior organization equipment and pickup accessories and beyond.

The extensive selection of product ensures Knapheide has the right solution to fit the need, regardless of the size of commercial vehicle, from Class one up to Class eight. Check out our dependable line-up of truck bodies and truck beds below and see for yourself why after more than 160 years in business Knapheide continues to be the leader in the commercial vehicle industry.

Service Bodies


Knapheide Service Bodies feature a galvanneal steel construction for superior durability. With the largest selection of options and accessories, users can fully customize their Knapheide Service Body for their own job application.

KUV Bodies


More contractors and technicians rely on the Knapheide KUV than any other enclosed utility bodies. Get to know the KUV from Knapheide and you’ll understand why it is put to work more than any other utility body in the industry.

Platform Bodies


Regardless of what bulk materials you haul, Knapheide has developed a Platform Body for your needs. Vocational specific Platform Bodies are available for landscapers, general contractors, concrete contractors, and more.

Gooseneck Bodies


Farmers, ranchers, contractors, and miners have come to depend on Knapheide Gooseneck Bodies to perform the heavy hauling they demand day in and day out.


Dump Bodies


Dump Bodies from Knapheide are built with high strength steel for unmatched durability. Industry exclusive features make these the best Dump Bodies in the industry.

Forestry Bodies


Arborists and tree care professionals have come to rely on Knapheide Forestry Bodies. Whether you need a ground or aerial compatible unit, Knapheide has Forestry Body to fit the need.

Mechanics Trucks


Keeping equipment up and running is vital to the bottom line. Knapheide Mechanics Trucks provide a workstation on wheels in order to maintain maximum equipment uptime.


Fuel Lube Trucks


Performing regular preventative maintenance on equipment can positively impact ROI and equipment life cycles. Knapheide Fuel Lube Trucks provide all the tools and storage necessary to complete proper P.M. intervals.

Water Trucks


From dust control to delivery applications, Knapheide Water Trucks continue to be the most dependable available. Choose models with standard tank sizes or Knapheide can build a customized truck for your application.

Truck Caps


Knapheide offers the most comprehensive line of commercial truck caps and truck toppers including models constructed of steel, aluminum, or fiberglass. Knapheide commercial truck caps and toolboxes feature versatile and secure storage for nearly any voca

Van Equipment


Knapheide offers a comprehensive line-up of Van Equipment from the leading manufacturers, including the industry’s most innovative van interiors and van equipment from Sortimo by Knapheide and Gruau.

Hannay Reels

Durable metal reels of all types (hose, cable, storage)  Hannay builds over 70,000 durable metal reels of all types (hose, cable, storage) per year, for customers throughout the world. Reel sizes vary from hand portable to over 12 feet in length. Much of the success of Hannay Reels can be attributed to the company’s emphasis on quality, service, and delivery: The technology behind the design and manufacture of Hannay Reels has steadily evolved since the company began in 1933, and Hannay Reels continues to set the standard for the entire industry. Employees at Hannay Reels all share the pride in their work that founder Clifford B. Hannay had. Hannay Reels is a modern company with state-of-the-art facilities. Craftsmanship is just as important as technology, and customers find this craftsmanship in everything the company does, from reel design, to manufacturing, to shipping, to service… that’s The Hannay Way.

Visit the Hannay Reel Website

Or Click The Thumbnails Below to view the Hannay Reels Catalogs


(PDF – 3.12MB)                                        (PDF – 6.72MB)

Diversified Metal Fabricators of Atlanta

Diversified Metal Fabricators is a company dedicated to keeping the railroad industry moving. Based in Atlanta, Georgia, DMF is the leading manufacturer and supplier of hi-rail equipment used to build and maintain the lifeline of the railroad. DMF is a customer driven company which designs custom products to help their clients meet special needs. One of those products is DMF’s patented Rail-Roader rail guidewheels which make it easy for crews to get on and off the railroad track at a crossing.


Why Choose DMF

See why Diversified Metal Fabricators’ Railgear is clearly The Industry’s Choice for Maintenance-of-Way Vehicles.

  • DMF rail guides and undercarriage assembly weigh less and the design is more compact than other models.
  • Fewer moving parts means less maintenance and fewer breakdowns.
  • Same day shipment of standard replacement parts.
  • All products are covered by at least a one year warranty (see warranty for more specifics).
  • DMF front railgear is mounted on the suspension and axle of the truck to support the vehicle the way the vehicle was originally designed to be supported — eliminating the need to build a reinforced frame.
  • Articulation of the rear railgear enables the vehicle to be put on the rail at a shorter crossing.
  • Greater stability with rear mounted cranes.

Front Railgear

Front Railgear

Rear Railgear

Visit the Diversified Metal Fabricators of Atlanta Website


Railgear RW-1013 **GVWR 6,000 – 12,000 lbs.



DMF RW-1013 railgear is designed for application to pickup and SUV chassis from 6,400 to 10,000 lbs. GVWR. Chassis up to 11,500 lbs. can be accommodated with our RW-1013HD. It is only applicable to vehicles with single rear wheels. RW-1013’s adjustable suspension, easy operation, and numerous safety and convenience features provide a smooth and sure ride.

Railgear RW-1015 **GVWR 8,000 – 12,000 lbs.RW1015_A

DMF RW-1015 railgear is designed for application to pickup and SUV chassis from 8,000 to 12,000 lbs. GVWR. The RW-1015 railgear typically stows within the length of the vehicle, eliminating the maneuvering and parking problems long associated with hi-rail vehicles. Without railgear protruding in front and behind, working around the vehicle is easier than ever. Access to the truck bed or rear hatch is not affected.

Railgear RW-1019 / RW-1019B **GVWR 10,000 – 19,500 lbs.1019

DMF’s RW-1019 railgear is a scaled-down version of our patented and very successful RW-1630 gear for large trucks. We now offer the RW-1019B that is adapted to truck chassis with rear-mounted fuel tanks.  The RW-1019B also allows for more ground clearance for the front railgear.

Railgear RW-1212 **GVWR 17,500 – 27,500 lbs.1212

DMF’s RW-1212 railgear is designed for that rare-sized category falling between 17,500 and 27,500 lbs. The front guide wheel assembly attaches to the frame and front axle and lifts the front wheels off the track, thus, utilizing the vehicle’s front suspension. This design supports the vehicle as it was intended and helps the truck navigate curves smoothly and dampen out the effects of track irregularities.

Railgear RW-1420 **GVWR 28,000 – 33,000 lbs.1420

DMF’s RW-1420 railgear is known for it’s unique spokeless wheel design that helps to reduce weight.  It shares the same patented side-shift feature and front suspension as the RW-1630, it’s larger counterpart, allowing it to get on and off the rail quickly.

Railgear RW-1630/1650 **GVWR 33,000+ lbs.1630_B
The DMF Roto-180 is a rotating dump body that permits its user to deposit the contents of the bed anywhere within a 180° arc. Between the dump body and the truck chassis lies its hydraulically actuated sub-frame which is the heart of the Roto-180. It is a two-piece structure that joins the truck and dump body by means of a massive, durable 43? industrial roller bearing.


1420 resized

DMF raildogs are a safety device that attach to the truck frame of a hi-rail vehicle and clamp to the head of the track. They are used on trucks that can experience shifting loads such as a DMF Roto-180 that is dumping ballast or a boom truck doing heavy trackside picks. In the event of a sudden load shift, the raildogs may prevent or at least minimize the effects of a tipping accident.

Harsco Rail

A global leader for Total Track Maintenance Management, Harsco Rail serves the world’s major railroads, short lines and metropolitan transit systems with the state-of-the-art equipment and services their customers’ need to increase train speed and tonnage, enhance safety and track performance, and improve total cost of ownership.

Their broad range of modern equipment, expert engineering, and global support enables us to work as a value enhancing partner for virtually all major aspects of railway track maintenance. Our mission is to build teams that win with integrity anywhere in the world, developing world class equipment and service solutions for railway track structures.

Harsco Rail’s HY-RAIL® Guide Wheel Attachments adapt highway trucks and similar vehicles for railway applications requiring travel on the highway and on the rail. Road/rail units are available in a variety of sizes and load capacities and may be equipped for track inspection, crew and material transportation, and specialized track maintenance jobs.

Visit the Harsco Rail Website


Light Duty 0307ALight Duty 0307A


Light Duty 1515Light Duty 1515


Medium Duty 1920Medium Duty 1920


Heavy Duty 4141Heavy Duty 4141




HY-RAIL<sup>®</sup> Service Bulletins

HY-RAIL® Service Bulletins

HY-RAIL Trained Repair Shops

Rafna Railgear

With over 20 years experience in the railgear industry, Rafna’s high-quality railgear is a rugged product which is very easy to operate and will transfer your vehicle from road to track quickly and easily. It has been designed for safe rail operation and a long service life with minimum maintenance.

Visit the Rafna Railgear Website

Stellar Industries

Stellar Industries, Inc., located in Garner, Iowa, was established in 1990 as the first North American corporation to design and manufacture the hydraulic hooklift. Since its inception Stellar has created over 40 different models within the single-pivot, double-pivot and sliding jib lines.

Through the years Stellar Industries has developed, acquired or partnered with many truck equipment products, accessories & components, beyond the hydraulic hooklift.

Their current product offering includes Hooklifts, Cable Hoists, Service Cranes, Mechanic Trucks, Tire Service Trucks & many other Truck, Trailer & Utility Vehicle equipment, accessories & components

A wide range of accomplishments & an ever changing business model have marked the unique 25+ year story of this dynamic American industrial organization.

(Click Here to See Full Company Bio & History!)

However, there are also two “constant characteristics” of the organization that equally contribute to Stellar Industries story & identity.

1. Centralized operations in the “Heartland” of the United States of America!

2. The Stellar founding principles:

Mission Statement: Stellar Industries, Inc. is dedicated to being the preferred supplier of quality hydraulic truck equipment and related accessories through innovative, responsive, and cost effective solutions to meet our customers’ needs in a positive work environment while providing a profitable return for our shareholders.

Our Core Purpose: To make our customers more productive.

Our Core Values: Treat all employees with dignity and respect. Work together to exceed customer expectations. Committed to being a valued member of our communities.

Our Core Goal: We will be the benchmark company of the truck equipment industry in terms of supplier relations, financial performance, and customer satisfaction.


Cherokee Truck Equipment, LLC is an Authorized Dealer/Distributor of all  Stellar products, as well as a, Proud Partner of Stellar Industries, Inc.  

Stellar Products on CTE eBay Store


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mechanic_truckThe Mechanic Truck by Stellar Industries offers the most complete turnkey packages available with a heavy duty steel body, air compressor, drawer system and available options. cranesThe Stellar® TMAX™ Propane Gas Service Trucks are extremely versatile. They make transporting, loading and unloading gas cylinders a simple, single-person operation without the need of a trailer or additional setting equipment.
tire_serviceStellar® Tire Trucks use state-of-the-art design and materials to produce the most modern design tire trucks available in the North American market. Our tire truck bodies, cranes, and compressors include features not found on competitive tire service trucks. cranesStellar® cranes bring more value added features to the market than any competitive crane in its class. The design parameters were developed using months of input from users throughout North America.
hookliftWhen it comes to the Stellar® Hooklift System, simplicity of design and operation are top priorities. With a single truck, an operator can load, unload or change bodies without leaving the truck cab. This drastically increases efficiency and productivity while cutting down on operational costs and maintenance. cable_hoistThrough innovative thinking, Stellar has improved the cable hoist design. Characteristics include increased dump angle, fewer cylinders and seal kits to maintain. Other features are improved cable routing, use of stainless steel pins, grease zerks, bushings, and the use of wear strips. All of these features are offered at a competitive price.
container_carrierThe Stellar Industries Container Carriers can meet all your container delivery, switching and now dumping needs available with the optional 360° rotator attachment.Stellar® Container Carrier features include improved visibility of rear lights, less cylinders and seal kits to maintain, and an overall heavy-duty construction and the ability to move front-load and rear-load containers. container_carrierThe Stellar Industries container tarping system offers easy installation, smooth, convenient operation and most importantly, it’s the toughest, most maintenance free tarping system available.When it comes to your company’s bottom line, the proven SI Tarping System will keep you in the black. Tarping systems are available for hooklifts and cable hoists.
x-tra-liftThe complete X-Tra-Lift pick-up loading devices are a giant leap in the truck accessory market. With the use of hydraulic technology, advanced engineering and the use of aesthetically pleasing materials the X-Tra-Lift will make your pick-up truck more useful. x-tra-liftThe Stellar Model 6000MH hydraulic articulating crane was created with the railroad industry in mind, but is applicable to many markets. The 6000MH has two 70” hydraulic extensions with a maximum horizontal reach of 26’ 5? and a maximum vertical lift of 29’ from the base of the crane.
accessoriesStellar Industries has chosen to use the American Eagle Accessories Group truck accessories as they are the most dependable, most rugged and trouble-free products available in the North American market today! Like our service trucks, the American Eagle Accessories Group products are built to the highest standards.
Bayne Premium Lift Systems

Bayne has been in business for more than 35 years and is proud of our reputation as a leader in the solid waste industry. Specializing in the design, manufacturing and assembly of hydraulic cart lifters in our state-of-the-art facility allows Bayne total control over providing you, the customer, with a quality, dependable product. Call today and experience what the proven reliability of the Thinline Premium Lift System can do to fulfill your waste handling needs.

Visit the Bayne Premium Lift Systems Website

BuiltRite Handlers by Northshore Manufacturing

Northshore Manufacturing, is the home of BuiltriteTM branded material handlers and attachments for the waste handling, scrap handling, railroad, mining, foundry and general construction markets. Founded in 1989, Northshore is a privately held company, located on the beautiful shores of Lake Superior in Two Harbors, Minnesota, USA, just 25 minutes north of Duluth.  From their humble beginnings to the present, Northshore Manufacturing has focused on customer based solutions for all the markets we serve.  With a seasoned engineering staff using the latest in solid modeling software, they can ensure the most productive tools go into the correct applications, even if completely custom. Their robust and environmentally friendly designs are built to last, even in the most demanding applications.

Visit the BuiltRite Handlers by Northshore Manufacturing website.


Fassi is an acclaimed, international organization that has offered a wide variety of Articulating Cranes since 1965.  Servicing almost every continent on the globe, Fassi has consistently instilled a simple, but most fundamental company value; “Cranes without compromise.”

The following statement is also offered:
A company’s success is built upon entrepreneurial intuition, competent organisational management, special attention to product quality,orientation towards customer satisfaction.  But what really makes the difference is the man and his passion for the job.

-Franco Fassi

Visit the Fassi USA Website

Auto Crane

The original Auto Crane, introduced in 1958, was designed to fit in the trunk of an automobile. “Hot Shot” cars, used for the delivery of oil field equipment, could load and unload heavy drill bits and valves with ease and safety. It was an instant success and Auto Crane has been growing ever since.

Today, Auto Crane, offers a wide variety of electric and hydraulic telescopic crane models in different capacity ranges, from the Auto Crane 1 to the heavy duty hydraulic 72k.

Their commitment to excellence has been recognized by electric and hydraulic truck mounted crane users in various industries throughout the world.


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Auto Crane Units In-Stock

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Chattanooga, TN 37419

550 Discovery Place
Mableton, GA 30126

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