Medium & Light Duty Trucks/Vans

Cherokee Truck Equipment is proud to offer a full line of Medium & Light Duty Trucks and Vans, which includes high quality equipment and components from brands like Knapheide & Adrian Steel. The applications of these types of equipment are essentially limitless. We have built many customized, work-ready packages for a wide variety independent or small scaled contractors. Included are those in housing construction, heating & air, roofing, plumbing, landscaping, and many additional segments.

However, these units often find usage by many larger scaled operations, such as electric, water, gas, telephone & cable utility services, railroads, commercial construction contractors, etc. as well. The units again are employed for a wide variety of usages, such as, transport of mechanical service providers, the storage and transport of parts, tools &/or equipments, technical support, and more.

What can a medium or light duty truck or van package do for your business? We’ll let you tell us!

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