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About E-Z Pack

E-Z Pack Manufacturing is a leading manufacturer of refuse truck bodies and OEM garbage truck parts. Located in Cynthiana, Kentucky, we’re proud to offer dependable, durable and proven trash trucks and quality OEM parts, all things we’ve staked our name on over the past 40 years.

E-Z Pack produces quality rear loader, front loader, and side loader trucks which make up some of the best fleets in the nation. Our brands include the popular Goliath Rear Loader, the Apollo Rear Loader, the Hercules Front Loader and the efficient Hercules Automated Side Loader.

In addition to producing our own, quality line of refuse vehicles, we have become a single-source parts supplier for a wide range of refuse collection equipment manufactured by the other leading brands. Our advanced Gladiator™ Pack-Eject cylinder is rapidly becoming the replacement cylinder of choice in the industry.


Innovation Made E-Z

At E-Z Pack we believe simplicity and productivity go hand-in-hand. In blending technology with common sense, we produce products that are easier to operate, easier to maintain, and perform better than the competition. Our entire product line has been meticulously crafted with quality as our foremost objective, and constant improvement being a driving force. It’s why E-Z Pack refuse bodies are known for low maintenance, high performance, and long-life dependability…allowing our customers to lower costs and increase productivity!


Front Loaders ButtonHercules Front Loader



An industry standard for over 40 years, the Hercules front loader is a durable and dependable refuse truck that combines the best of today’s technology with a common sense approach to user controls and serviceability. The result is a hard-working commercial front loader that spends more time on the route and less time in the shop.


Automated Side Loaders



Hercules ASLE-Z Pack has broken the high-compaction barrier for automated side loading refuse vehicles with its Hercules ASL. By incorporating the solid and proven Hercules platform, E-Z Pack’s ASL boosts compaction up to 1,000 lbs. per cubic yard for larger payloads, faster route times, and fewer trips to the landfill for haulers. Delivery with compressed natural gas (CNG) option is available, with fuel cells integrated into the body structure.

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Our rear loader Goliath and Apollo product lines offer reliability, simplicity and Goliath 370  Rear Loaderoptimum performance. The Goliath series is the industry’s most productive and heavy-duty rear loaders available. With E-Z Pack engineered Smart Steel construction, a tough packer panel, plated hydraulic tubing and a trackless hopper design creating easy operation and maintenance, these top-of-the-line loaders are designed to ensure an extended life and easy-to-access valves and pivot points.

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